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Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday falls on the 27th March this year. It's also the day when British Summertime begins so those coming to church will need to be careful with their timepieces.

Mothering Sunday is very different from Mother's Day. The latter, like Father's Day or Grandparent's day is, sadly, a commercial venture. More confusing is that different parts of the world celebrate Mother's Day at different times of the year.

Mothering Sunday on the other hand is about giving thanks for our community. People would make a pilgrimage to their 'mother' church once a year. It might the day off that wealthy landowners would grant to their estate workers, so they could travel home to see their families.

As the centuries evolved, this understanding and tradition of pilgrimage has changed, but we still desire as a community to be in touch with one another. So I invite you to come and celebrate with us on Mothering Sunday all those who have nurtured you. We are giving away potted violas on Mothering Sunday in recognition of our thanks to all those who play a part in the community of St John's.

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